Welcome to my music blog. Here you will find my drunken rambling gig and album reviews as well as occassional upcoming gig listings. This is also an archive of the heavy metal radio show Let’s Mosh that I was part of for 15 years and contains playlists and downloads of quite a few shows. There is also a section which has many scans of gig flyers and presents the boom and bust cycles of the Canberra metal scene. Please feel free to leave comments as I welcome any feedback. Enjoy!

2016 was a killer year for music and it took quite a bit of culling to produce this list. In the interests of actually publishing this before the end of 2017 I’ve just provided a brief review of Blood Incantation. Enjoy.

Blood Incantation
1. Blood Incantation: Starspawn (Dark Descent)

Undoubtedly my favourite release of the year was Starspawn from Colorado death metallers Blood Incantation. It’s the perfect mix of catchy and slighty-technical death metal with killer riffs up the wazoo! There really are a LOT of different riffs throughout however they are perfectly woven together and the constant changing really satisfies my short attention span. Plus they have an amazing groove in parts especially at the start of Hidden Species. The lead guitar work is lovely too with plenty of slowish orgasmic sort of solos and melodies throughout. The death doom influence from their other band Spectral Voice comes through nicely too with plenty of slower moments that work really well in managing to keep your interest. About the only things I can complain about is that at 35 minutes it’s not long enough and also the cover art is nowhere near as cool as their Interdimensional Extinction cover. One of the things I love the most is that this sounds like it could have come out in the early 90s but it doesn’t have a slavish retro feel to it. The tech death side of it reminds me of Atheist’s masterpiece Unquestionable Presence which was tech as hell but not at the expense of being metal as hell too. Basically this album has everything a good death metal album needs and that’s why I’ve listened to on a nearly daily basis since I first received a promo from Dark Descent.

2. Katatonia: The Fall Of Hearts (Peaceville)

3. Chthe’ilist: Le Dernier Crépuscule (Profound Lore)

Cultes Des Ghoules
4. Cultes Des Ghoules: Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love (Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions)

5. Perfume: Cosmic Explorer (Universal)

6. Inverloch: Distance | Collapsed (Relapse)

7. Perturbator: The Uncanny Valley (Blood Music)

8. Wadge: The End Of Ethnology (Mortville)

9. Spire: Entropy (Iron Bonehead)

The Ruiner
10. The Ruiner: The Ruiner (Goatsound)

Temple Nightside
11. Temple Nightside: The Hecatomb (Iron Bonehead)

12. Bolzer: Hero (Iron Bonehead)

Looking Glass
13. Looking Glass: Volume 4 (Goatsound)

14. Krypts: Remnants Of Expansion (Dark Descent)

15. Gost: Non Paradisi (Blood Music)

16. Neurosis: Fires Within Fires (Neurot)

Pulmonary Fibrosis
17. Pulmonary Fibrosis: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rotten Roll Rex)

18. Horrisonous: The Plague Doctors (self released)

19. Patisserie / Meatal Ulcer / Organs Tortured: Ride The Wings Of Tomorrow’s Universal Gore Friendship (Soondoongi Records)

20. Hellbringer: Awakened From The Abyss (High Roller)



1. Katatonia (Corner Hotel, Melbourne)

2. The Kill / Internal Rot / Christ Crusher (Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne)

3. Immolation (Manning Bar, Sydney)

4. Mournful Congregation (Bald Faced Stag, Sydney)

5. Magrudergrind / Shackles (someone’s lounge room, Canberra)

6. Enslaved (Manning Bar, Sydney)

7. Destroyer 666 / Denouncement Pyre (Basement, Canberra)

8. Acid King / Witchskull (Transit Bar, Canberra)

9. The Levitation Hex (Transit Bar, Canberra)

10. Xibalba (Basement, Canberra)

OK here are my slightly late top 10 or 20 albums of 2015 and top 10 gigs. I was going to write longer reviews but am feeling lazy and just wanted to publish this so I can get back to procrastinating about finishing my review of the Black Conjuration festival from September!


1. Arcturus: Arcturian (Prophecy Productions)

I was very happy when it was announced that Arcturus had reformed as I’ve always been a big fan of their symphonic oddities. I had been a bit underwhelmed by their previous album Sideshow Symphonies which came nowhere near the brilliance of La Masquerade Infernale and The Sham Mirrors. However I took to Arcturian immediately as Vortex sounds more comfortable with his vocals, it sounds livelier overall than SS, and has a good variety of songs. Despite Hellhammer’s drums being too loud I really do like his work in Arcturus with a lot more flashy playing than his work in other bands. Highlight songs are Crashland, Warp and Game Over but I like all songs and generally listen to the album in it’s entirety. Easily my most listened to album of the year and I’m still not sick of it.


Captain Cleanoff

2. Captain Cleanoff: Rising Terror (Blastasfuk Grindcore)

Captain Cleanoff are one of my favourite Aussie grind bands and this is more of their usual high quality output. I was sad to miss seeing them play in Canberra a few months ago as I was sick with pneumonia. Nothing much more to say about this album other than it’s chock full of catchy grindcore with a great production.


Spectral Voice

3. Spectral Voice: Necrotic Doom (self released)

I can never get enough death/doom and Denver lads Spectral Voice provide it in spades on this heavy as hell 3 track demo. I like that they don’t mind speeding up a bit and I like that this is quite varied. There are a few nice nods to the kings of death/doom Disembowelment (especially at the end of Rotting Auras) but overall it’s not too derivative. I’d love to see them live and I can’t wait for a full length album. Also check out their split 7″with their other band Blood Incantation as both sides rule.



4. Witchskull: The Vast Electric Dark (self released)

Kick arse first release from newish Canberra band Witchskull which features Marcus from Looking Glass and Joel from the mighty Armoured Angel. Pretty much complete Sabbath worship but it has enough clever nuances to give it a life of its own. The second half of Raise The Dead is my favourite section with a great thumping beat and bassline and that riff that kicks in around 3.49. I get chills everytime and I can’t wait to see that song live again. They’ve been playing live a bit of late and I’m keen to see them again now that I know this album so well. I was lucky enough to be at their debut gig and for once I felt young as Joel and Marcus had obviously put the hard word on the old Canberra metal scene and they turned up in droves. Very much looking forward to more music from these chaps as well as the new Looking Glass album which should be out soon (edit: it’s out now and is amazing – get it at Goatsound).



5. Autopsy: Skull Grinder (Peaceville)

More quality filth from these rude Californians and this one seems a bit doomier than the last few albums which is fine by me. The combination of slow riffs and Chris’s crazy rants over the top is a good one and works well. Also the solos from Eric and Danny rule as always and I love the cover art. I bought the vinyl but it’s also available on cd in the fancy After The Cutting book/4 cd release that has a great book full of photos and flyers and so on.


Grave Pleasures

6. Grave Pleasures: Dreamcrash (Sony)

The one and only Beastmilk album Climax blew me away when I finally got around to hearing it so I was a bit sad when their guitarist Goatspeed (awesome name) left and they changed into Grave Pleasures. However for me the vocals were always the key with Beastmilk and Kvost is still around so I’m happy. Dreamcrash took longer to click for me but, like Climax, it seemed to stay in my cd player a lot so it wormed it’s way in nicely. Despite a few faster songs it seems more languid and laid back than Climax which works quite well in parts. Kvost’s vocals do sound bloody awesome with slightly less Danzig influence and the songs are nicely catchy although not quite as much as Genocidal Crush or You Are Now Under Our Control which I loved so much on Climax. New guitarist Linnéa does a fabulous job and I especially loved the guitar work on Girl In A Vortex. Not as monumental as Climax but still an awesome album.



7. The Kill: Kill Them…All (Blastasfuk Grindcore)

I think furious is about the only way you can describe any released by The Kill and the term applies to Kill Them…All too. I must admit the new style of vocals took me a few listens to get used to but they rule now and I love that you can hear him yell “fucking galah”. Roby’s Slayer worship comes through as always and there is even a solo. Raging.

Viscera Infest

8. Viscera Infest: Verrucous Carcinoma (Obliteration Records)

The Japanese worshippers of all things Disgorge (the Mexican version of course) have returned with a completely rabid and intense album of blasting deathgrind. This thing barely lets up except for a few Japanese samples. I also appreciate their skill at making up ridiculously long medical sounding song titles. Top notch brutality.


Crypt Sermon

9. Crypt Sermon: Out Of The Garden (Dark Descent Records)

These chaps are awesome Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus style doom and this album is superb and sounds like it should be from the late 80s. The vocals have vastly improved from the demo and the whole thing has an epic feel to it.



10. Archgoat: The Apocalyptic Triumphator (Debemur Morti Productions)

Finnish blokes Archgoat have been slowly creeping higher and higher on my playlists and are one of those bands I just find myself listening to without realising it. I love super heavy black metal like this with a deep sound and growled vocals and they are quite reminiscent of Adelaide double guitar gods Darklord. There are plenty of fast moments on the album but it’s the slower and groovier sections that really satisfy and this has plenty of them.


Honourable Mentions:

The Slow Death: Ark

Ahab: The Boats Of The Glen Carrig

Manhunt: self titled

Horrendous: Anareta

Grotesque Organ Defilement: Body Horror

Undergang: Doden Laeger Alle Sar

Mgla: Exercises In Futility

Ufomammut: Ecate

The Prodigy: The Day Is My Enemy

Revenge: Behold.Total.Rejection



1. Godflesh / Ministry (The Metro, Sydney)

The only good thing to come out of Soundwave were the Sidewaves where they allowed bands to do smaller club shows. I saw a great Cathedral and Paradise Lost gig a few years back and was very pleased when they announced Godflesh and Ministry playing together. Godflesh was my main reason for attending and they were bloody awesome!! Similar setlist to the MDF show I saw and no new stuff. Absolutely awesome gig and the crowd were very appreciative. Also for the first time in many years I had both radio cohosts Mark and Jonesy at a gig together. The band even walked past a tispy Jonesy and I and smiled when we drunkenly yelled at them. Ministry were pretty good although the set was heavy on later stuff with only a few classics at the end. It’s always awesome to see Thieves live although I much prefer their Psalm 69 gig way back when at Selina’s which was incredible! Also apparently I managed to insult Dino Cazares from Fear Factory when our taxi drove past him with a fat joke which is quite hypocritical but hey I was shitfaced and he was an arsehole when I interviewed him 20+ years ago.


2. Black Conjuration (Adelaide UniBar)

See my upcoming review which will be out soon. I promise!


3. Manhunt / Internal Rot (someone’s lounge room, Canberra)

This gig was at Lacklustre HQ which is just a suburban house where bands play in the well padded lounge room (aka sweatbox). My first time seeing Manhunt who are killer hardcore/PV and they put on a great show. However Internal Rot ruled supreme that night with their high energy performance being great in such close quarters. It’s always a pleasure watching Brad’s spinebending axe work, Christoph’s usual near death blasting and Max growling and jumping around like a maniac.


4. Pallbearer / Looking Glass (Hermann’s Bar, Sydney)

Another tipsy gig that’s a bit blurry but I do remember Pallbearer playing my two favourite songs, Watcher In The Dark and Devoid Of Redemption, so I was stoked. Looking Glass rocked as always too and no idea about the middle band as Dean and I snuck off for a couple of sneaky quality beers at The Rose Hotel.


5. Weekend Nachos (Magpies, Canberra)

Blurry is the word for this gig but I remember that half the support bands sucked and half ruled. Headliners Weekend Nachos were nice chaps off stage and nicely intense on stage so I was very happy. Goddamn I wish I could remember this better as I love their albums.


6. Napalm Death / Carcass / Extortion (The Factory, Sydney)

Carcass won the night for me and I appreciated their newer songs live more than on CD. Bit of shame they always play the same old songs but the second I hear anything off Symphonies.. I always get a rush. Napalm had an OK sound for once but didn’t quite do it for me despite me finally getting to see the song Walls Of Confinement (which was awesome). They opened with Vision Conquest but it was pretty noisy and pretty much indiscernible which was a shame. I wish I could force them to play If The Truth Be Known every time I see them.


7. The Ocean (Basement, Canberra)

I wasn’t overly familiar with their material other than the latest album Pelagial but that didn’t matter as they played that whole album and only a few old songs. They put on a great performance though, with plenty of energy.


8. YOB (Manning Bar, Sydney)

Due to many nice beers being consumed at Union Hotel in Newtown this gig is quite blurry but I am certain I had a wonderful time and they were heavy as buggery.


9. With Heavy Heart II (Transit Bar, Canberra)

Being a slack bugger I only really caught headliners Inverloch and despite Matt being plastered they put on a killer show of crushing death doom. Only problem was they hadn’t kept track of time and the Transit Bar has a midnight cutoff so they didn’t get to play the Disembowelment song they were going to close with which would have been the cherry on top of a great gig. Can’t wait for their new album which comes out in a few months! (edit: it’s out now and kicks arse!! get it from Relapse)


10. Inquisition / Marduk / Denouncement Pyre (The Hifi, Sydney)

This gig was both awesome and complete shite. I hate this venue with a passion as it’s horribly boomy and has no seats. The only thing going for it is the air conditioning and the toilets are quite stylish. Denouncement Pyre were probably awesome but their sound was abysmal. However Inquisition sounded OK and kicked much arse. Marduk were OK but I remember nothing of it so obviously the beers had kicked in by then. Amusingly there was a gig on at the Hordern across the road so the contrast of hordes of young 15 year kids mixing with scuzzy looking metalheads was great.


Iron Maiden 1

Iron Maiden 2

As usual I’ve been slack about updating this site so here’s a double bunger from the legends themselves, Iron Maiden.

These are Aussie tour shirts from the Somewhere Back In Time and The Final Frontier tours from 2008 and 2011. Maiden must make a fortune as these were at least $40 each and a hell of a LOT were being sold. I do love that Maiden still make tour shirt designs specific to the country as they have been doing for most of their career. Most are the equivalent of the Simpsons making an episode about a foreign country and full of cringeworthy stereotypes but it’s more endearing with Maiden and of course I bought these due to their tackiness.

The Somewhere Back In Time tour was the first time I saw Iron Maiden and it was an awesome gig at Acer Arena as the place was packed and the only newish song they played was Fear Of The Dark. Having listened to Live After Death MANY times I was in heaven for this gig and they didn’t disappoint. Plenty of weird shit going on with the front of this shirt inexplicably showing Eddie having killed some kangaroos with a road sign in front of Ayers Rock. The backprint is quality too and I love the blue healer dog and slouch hat and the fact he appears to be holding a VB stubby. I’m not sure why he’s riding a shark but I assume it’s a reference to surfing. The only thing that pissed me off is the flag flying on the wrong side.

The 2nd is from the tour for The Final Frontier where I saw them at the Sydney Entertainment Center. I was supposed to see them a few days later at the Soundwave festival but I had a horrible bout of gastro and so after seeing the Melvins and discovering Slayer couldn’t play as Tom was sick, we just pissed off back to Canberra as I could barely stand. As you can see the artist has added some nicely bizarre Australian references with a Killers era Eddie about to bash a skeletal kangaroo Eddie with a didgeridoo in front of Ayers Rock while yobbo aliens cruise around in a moon buggy. Hmm that’s a familiar theme but at least the Aussie flag is flying correctly in this one.

They are coming back to Australia in May and I’m tempted to see them again. If I don’t I’ll get someone to buy me a tacky tour shirt at least.

I think this is a Discordance Axis shirt but it may be a Gridlink or Hayaino Daisuki shirt. There is a reference to Grindcore Ninja Commando Team on the DA album The Inalienable Dreamless so I’ll go with that. The photo didn’t come out too well as the shirt is a brighter blue in real life.

I bought it off Jon Chang (or maybe his wife) at MDF 2010 as they had second hand shirts for sale for a brief period in the tiny booth inside Sonar. I think it was just in a box of mixed up clothes and I wish I dug a little deeper as who knows what was in there. I managed to miss most of Gridlink that day and walked in just as they were finishing which pissed me off to no end. Although it turns out they only played for 15 minutes so it’s not surprising I missed them.

If anyone can translate the Japanese please feel free to post a comment.



I’ve added a new gallery to the Flyers page with scans of a magazine that came with a compilation cd from an old Melbourne record label called Deported Records. Deported was run by a guy called Scott Harper who was also the singer of Magnacite for their amazing Safety In The Workplace album and also produced or engineered such legendary releases as the Blood Duster’s Menstrual Soup demo, Damaged’s Do Not Spit and Christbait’s Yeast. The label only put out about 6 releases including a Beanflipper album and the Subversion/Spazz split cd but for me this was the highlight and I treasure my copy of it.

The interviews contained here are mostly hilarious with the Blood Duster and Beanflipper ones being highlights as well as Jason from Blood Duster interviewing Magnacite and asking some nicely inane questions. The compilation cd has some amazing stuff on there with most of it unavailable elsewhere and some rarities like one of the last Necrotomy tracks recorded and also a recording of part of an impromptu live jam of Fear Factory and Christbait members which I’m pretty sure is mostly a Brujeria song.

Below is my favourite song off the compilation which is a live version of Coinslot My Butt Crack from Melbourne sludge gods Christbait. This version is a bit faster than the Dirtypunkmutha version and nearly captures the sheer power of their live performances. The bloke who uploaded this clip appears to have the whole compilation and plenty of other goodies so check him out here.



This is one of my most charming metal shirts from Californian death metal blokes Impaled and their first album The Dead Shall Dead Remain. Fairly self explanatory cover of some poor chap having a unfortunate time on the bogger. I had the pleasure of seeing them play this whole album live at MDF in 2014 and finally got to see the song Trocar which I love so much.

I remember wearing this to a gig at the legendary old Canberra metal venue Rock Ape and having a drunken nightmare woman come up to me and try and read the logo. I really wish I could remember what she came up with but it certainly wasn’t Impaled. She didn’t seem to be offended by the photo though. All class.


The latest stupid metal shirt of the week is from Colombian/US black metal chaps Inquisition. The front print is art by the somewhat controversial artist Antichrist Kramer who has produced a lot of art for Inquisition as well as other bands such as Pseudogod and Vasaeleth. My childish side loves this “eviling up” of religious images although I think Grand Belial’s Key do it better. The back words are lyrics from the song Baptized In Black Goat Blood from the killer album Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer and I like the classic woodcut art. All round a nicely blasphemous shirt.


The latest stupid metal shirt of the week is from one of my favourite Aussie bands, Melbourne goregrinders The Day Everything Became Nothing. This is from their album Brutal which was 7 bloody years ago so I hope they plan on following it up sometime soon (not holding my breath). I love the simplicity of the front combined with the barely readable, chaotic logo on the back. Also below is an official film clip of their awesome song Cut which I think works well with this post as they looks like tools channeling Lost Horizon. Sorry lads.



OK here is one of the most offensive shirts I own which of course makes it one of my favourites. This is from my favourite death metal band Autopsy and a detail from the super sick art of their brilliant Acts Of The Unspeakable album. I generally hate big backprints like this but as I’m such a fan boy I allow Autopsy to get away with such tacky sentiments. In reality I think their gore/sleaze lyrics are among the best as they are super perverted but quite amusing too and not I-am-dead-serious-that-I’d-torture-a-prossy-with-a-rusty-cheese-knife style of modern brutal dm bands. The whole artwork for Acts.. is below as well so click on the image and see a bigger version where most of the horrific images are visible. The artist took the song titles/lyrics and fashioned the lovely scene and I suspect the front detail on this shirt was inspired by the song Spinal Extractions with the back text being a line from the song Orgy In Excrements.

This was another wonderful present from my mate Jesse as if I recall correctly we did an order from Relapse in the mid 90s ordering 2 of these and only received one which he got. Not sure why as I’ve always been a huge Autopsy fan so I must have bargained poorly that day. The shirt is in excellent condition which is unsurprising as neither of us had the balls to wear this much in public.

I did break my usual rule of not wearing a shirt of a band that’s playing and wore this to the 2010 Maryland Deathfest where I saw Autopsy live for the first time. As you can read in the link I was pretty damn spellbound by their set and was very proud to wear such a charming shirt to one of my favourite gigs. I have plenty of other Autopsy shirts with my Mental Funeral longsleeve being my favourite but this is definitely the grossest.



Here is my latest offering for stupid metal shirt of the week. This is an ancient shirt from New York thrashers Nuclear Assault from their classic song Hang The Pope and is probably from 1988 or so. I was gifted this by my old mate Jesse who left me a huge box full of old thrash shirts, LPs and best of all old Canberra demo tapes which are rare as hens teeth. A few more of my planned stupid metal shirts are from his collection as the thrash world provided some fine examples of extremely cheesy shirts. I actually don’t think this shirt is particularly stupid and from a metalheads point of view it’s awesome but I suspect your average person from the street might be a bit offended.

Unfortunately Jesse was quite slim so this is a little tight on my not-so-slim frame and I’ve actually only worn it once. I wore it to a Municipal Waste gig on their first Aussie tour which is a complete blur as I had quite a few too many beers. I remember trying to talk to legend drummer Dave Witte afterwards at the Townie about his previous band Human Remains but was too trashed and probably just dribbled shit. Very blurry night although I do remember waking up the next day to find one of the other blokes cleaning up his vomit from his bed and the floor. Thankfully none was on this awesome shirt which has lasted well for over 25 years.

Nuclear Assault