RIP Wurzel and Seth Putnam. These two fine gentlemen died days before this show so we played a few songs for them and made some tasteless jokes. Here are some of my favourite moments of their careers in YouTube form – the legendary performance of Motorhead on The Young Ones – and Anal Cunt playing live in 1993 offending lesbians, sounding surprisingly good and getting kicked off stage.

and just for good measure here is the uncensored garden shed scene from Commando (aka the greatest action movie of all time) which we discuss:

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: If The Truth Be Known
Amorphis: Vulgar Necrolatry
Whiplash: Power Thrashing Death
Arkan: The Eight Doors Of Jannah
talk break
Suicidal Tendencies: Subliminal
Limbonic Art: Seven Doors Of Death
Isis: Ghost Key
Contrastic: The Letter
talk break
Deathspell Omega: Epiklesus II
Cruciform: Gutter
Anal Blasphemy: Satan Rapes God
Cryptic Slaughter: Sudden Death
Carbonized: Lord Of Damnation
Alcest: Percees De Lumiere
talk break
Alchemist: Imagination Flower
Motorhead: Killed By Death
Therion: Unguentum Sabbati
Inhume: Unforseen Annihilation
Anal Cunt: Dead, Gay And Dropped
Anal Cunt: I’m Still Standing
talk break
Black Sabbath: The Wizard

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