The fifth band we played on this show was Tranquilistics which is a new band featuring Roy Torkington who was one of the guitarists in Alchemist (a legendary Canberra band all three of us actually like which is quite a rarity!). Check out more of his awesome work here and here and in the following clip.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Instinct Of Survival
Dismember: Dismembered
Old Man’s Child: In Defiance Of Existence
talk break
Tranquilistics: Grand Illusions
Brujeria: Desperado
Immortal: Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss
Dystopia: Now And Forever
Devourment: Anal Electrocution
talk break
Katatonia: Rainroom
Rotten Sound: Self
Killing Joke: Butcher
Celtic Frost: Dawn Of Meggido
Warrant: Cherry Pie
Regurgitate: Bleed On Me
talk break
Therion: Cults Of The Shadows
Type O Negative: Christian Woman
Armoured Angel: Madame Guillotine
Pitch Shifter: Catharsis
talk break
Chud: With Tooth And Nail
Zeni Geva: Desire For Agony (live)
Pigsty: The Scorcher
Tristania: Equilibrium
Slayer: Can’t Stand You
G.G.F.H.: As I Touch You
Converge: Thaw
talk break
Autopsy: Charred Remains

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