Mark was absent for this show. The final Sadistik Exekution song cuts out unfortunately due to a recording error.

The subject of the Macabre song The Black Knight that we played is actually Gilles de Rais who can be read about here. I am not surprised that Macabre chose to write a song about him as he doesn’t sound like a very nice chap at all. As usual we got our information wrong (and it wasn’t Marks fault for once) so apologies to the family of Maximilien Robespierre whose name we besmirched. He killed a whole batch of different people and thankfully this show we played Kreator: Under The Guillotine as an unintentional tribute.

Also RIP Leslie Nielsen who died several days before this show. Here is a highlight package and I recommend everyone to check out Flying High (aka Airplane!), Police Squad and the Naked Gun series as they are all classics.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Scum
Suffocation: Catatonia
Drudkh: Ars Poetica
talk break
Katatonia: For My Demons
Al-Namrood: Ebadt Al Bashar
Inquisition: Cosmic Invocation Rites
Isis: Streetcleaner
talk break
Macabre: The Black Knight
Therion: Din
Cock And Ball Torture: Enema Bulldozer
The 3rd And The Mortal: Atupoema
Anatomia: Severed Infant Waste
Disembowelment: Excoriate
talk break
Nightwish: Dark Chest Of Wonders
Arkan: Chaos Cypher
Paradise Lost: Eternal
Alchemist: Tide In, Mind Out
Disentomb: Inhaling Of Vomitous Iniquity
Brutal Truth: Choice Of A New Generation (live)
talk break
Saint Vitus: White Magic / Black Magic
Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh
Kreator: Under The Guillotine
Sonic Violence: Crystalization
Megadeth: Set the World Afire
Sadistik Exekution: Elektrokution (live)

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