During this show we talk about Reverend Fred Nile who is an outspoken conservative Christian Australian politican who was in trouble for accessing pornography from his work computer as detailed here. He also doesn’t like heavy metal much and he managed to have Impaled Nazarene banned from playing a gig in Wollongong on their 1999 tour of Australia. The bloke doesn’t even like Stryper!!

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Instinct Of Survival
Funebrarum: Conjuration Of The Sepulchral / Kingdom Of Suffering Souls
Carcass: Embodiment
talk break
Destruktor: Fight Like The Devil
Deathspell Omega: Epiklesis II
Sadistik Exekution: Lupercalia
Disgorge: Raise The Pestilence
Protector: Cain And Abel
talk break
Darkthrone: Soulside Journey
The Day Everything Became Nothing: 1
Astriaal: ‘Neath The Bones Of Salvation
Kreuzweg Ost: Du, Gefangene!
Negative Plane: Lamentations And Ashes
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult: Spectral Runlets Of Tulwood
talk break
Behold! The Monolith: Battlestag
Lacuna Coil: Stars
Enslaved: The Dead Stare
Godflesh: Veins
Craft: N.D.P.
talk break
Afflicted: Rising To The Sun
Cold World: Tortured By Solitude
Spazz: Katon W. Depena Without the W is Like Grilled Cheese Without the Grill (Parts 1 & 2)
Innsmouth: The She-Goat Quandry
Taake: Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik VI
talk break
Motorhead: No Class

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