MarkĀ and myself were absent for this show.

Here is the Extreme Noise Terror clip that Steven played as a tribute to Phil Vane who had recently died. I was lucky enough to see ENT at MDF 2007 and Phil was the only singer as Dean was allegedy passed out drunk somewhere and they were bloody awesome!

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Riot Of Violence
Damaged: Dust
Kataklysm: Fathest From The Suns
talk break
Charger: Chide And Harmonize
Hirax: Hostile Territory (live)
Melechesh: Sacred Geometry
talk break
Negura Bunget: Dacia Hiperboreana
S.O.D.: Freddy Krueger
Arkan: Groans Of The Abyss
talk break
Extreme Noise Terror: Deceived (live)
Extreme Noise Terror: Religion Is Fear (live)
Extreme Noise Terror: Damage Limitation (live)
Extreme Noise Terror: Lame Brain (live)
Extreme Noise Terror: False Profit (live)
Avrigus: Beauty And Pain
Suffocation: Thrones Of Blood
Satan: Who Dies Wins
talk break
Brutal Truth: Jemenez Cricket
Carcass: Pedigree Butchery
Sonic Violence: Ritual
Iron Maiden: Flight Of Icarus (live)
talk break
Alchemist: Staying Conscious
Cold Body Radiation: Loss
Therion: Kings Of Edom
Kreator: Riot Of Violence
Within Temptation: Jane Doe (live)
talk break
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (live)

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