During this show we discuss an Australian beer called Tooheys Red which is generally agreed is about as tasty as stale cat piss. The ad we played is quite boring visually so here is an older, more hilarious tv ad from the 1970s for Tooheys Old which is a much superior beer. Enjoy.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Malicious Intent (live)
Corpsessed: Crypt Infester
Daamoon: Smell Of Fall
Mortician: World Domination
talk break
Endstille: Crucified
Corrupted: Sus Futuros
Death Angel: Seemingly Endless Time
Nocturno Culto w/ Satyricon: Under A Funeral Moon (live)
talk break
Ministry: Just One Fix
Total Negation: Widerstand
Old Man Gloom: Jaws Of The Lion
Marduk: Hearse
Bolt Thrower: When Glory Beckons
talk break
Whiplash: Drowning In Torment
Tygers Of Tan Pang: Do It Good
The Gathering: The May Song
Arkha Sva: 49 Evil Spirits
Carnage: Blasphemies Of The Flesh
talk break
Venom: Possessed

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