The end of this recording is cut off. I think this is the first instance of Mark playing a Death Devil song from the K-On anime which he is now obsessed with so here is a clip I found from the show. I couldn’t find a clip of the song we played except for some idiot playing along with the recording. I’ll never understand why people video themselves covering songs (usually poorly) and it’s only interesting if it’s some 5 year old kid drumming along to Cryptopsy or something actually interesting. OK rant over here is the clip.

Also as an added bonus here is a Playgirl cover with Pete Steele from Type O Negative on it. I decided to not post any of his nude pics but if you are really interested then a Google image search will yield them easily. Urgh bit of a worry that this issue appears to have Keith Richards nude in it too :/

Here are several talk show appearances from Pete when the Playgirl issue came out. I hadn’t seen the Springer one so glad I found it. Apologies for the crappy quality for Ricki Lake but it’s the only version I could find.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Death: Pull The Plug
Alcest: Percées de Lumière
Brutal Truth: Choice Of A New Generation
talk break
Devourment: Unleash The Carnivore
Samhain: Kiss Of Steel
Arkan: Mistress Of The Damned Souls
D.R.I.: Five Year Plan
talk break
Death Devil: Hell The World
Slayer: Raining Blood (live)
Fuck I’m Dead: Colon Commando
Hate Eternal: Dethroned
Anathema: Under A Veil Of Black Lace
talk break
Black Breath: I Am Beyond
Satyricon: Mother North
Therion: An Arrow From The Sun (live)
Deep Purple: Black Night
talk break
Macabre: Slaughter Thy Poser
Alchemist: Clot
S.O.D.: March Of The S.O.D.
S.O.D.: Sargent “D” & The S.O.D.
Megadeth: Mechanix
Jesu: Bright Eyes
Die You Bastard!: Die You Bastard!
Nuclear Assault: Hang The Pope
talk break
Amorphis: Black Winter Day
Bolt Thrower: …For Victory
Darkthrone: Hate Is The Law
Paradise Lost: Dead Emotion
The Kill: We Want Blood
talk break
AC/DC: High Voltage (live)
Leaves’ Eyes: Into Your Light
Sacramentum: Black Destiny
Summoning: In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells
Kreator: Toxic Trace

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