Mark and Steve were absent for this show. Below is the flyer and a clip from the Dirtypunkmutha (aka Christbait) show from New Years Eve 2011 which I talked about during the show. Unfortunately I can’t find clips of Blow or Coinslot My Buttcrack which are my favourite Christbait songs but this song did go off live and I was very pleased they used the sax player from the album. Seeing those songs played liveĀ for the first time in 15+ years was just awesome and I had a great time with Melbourne friends and my good mate Andy who was probably the one who first played me Christbait back in their Prod demo days.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: If The Truth Be Known (live)
War Master: Circuit Death
The VeeBees: Drive Thru Bottlo
Mgla: With Hearts Towards None 1
talk break
Alchemist: Yoni Kunda
Roskopp: Smeared And Sick
Ignite The Ibex: Exit The Immaculate
Slayer: At Dawn They Sleep
Beanflipper: Scuz
talk break
Pungent Stench: The Amp Hymn
Godflesh: Bigot
Kill For Satan: Litany For The Wretched
Bloody Phoenix: Curse Of The Dragon
Bloody Phoenix: Killing For Sport
Katatonia: I Break
talk break
Erebus Enthroned: Nil (Solve non Coagula)
Pallbearer: An Offering Of Grief
Misery: Born Dead
4 Dead: Yeah, Whatever. I Was Gonna Off Myself On Tuesday Anyways
Celtic Frost: Dethroned Emperor
Terrorizer: Dead Shall Rise
talk break
Inquisition: Astral Path To Supreme Majesties
Spawn Of Possession: Servitude Of Souls
Grave: Extremely Rotten Flesh
Therion: Pandemonic Outbreak
Sadistik Exekution: Mathematikus
talk break
Asphyx: Minefield
Apartment 213: Decay
Christbait: Coinslot Your Butt Crack (live)
Impaled Nazarene: Noisrevrep Taog
Agents Of Abhorrence: Sick Disguise
Agents Of Abhorrence: Through My Veins
talk break
Slug: Turd Muncher (live)
The Kill: We Want Blood
The Kill: Walking Dead
talk break
Black Sabbath: Lord Of This World

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