Steve was absent for this show. The picture of the…er…gentleman’s magazine that Steve was “reading” we discuss is below. Thankfully it’s a bit blurry (possibly due to Steve being “in motion” while taking the photograph)

Also we discuss Australian cricketing legend David Boon who enjoyed a beer or two (read about him in the Glossary) and here is a skit from The Chaser which is bloody hilarious.

Jim Jones Peoples Temple Choir: Welcome
Grave: Deformed
Bethlehem: Tote weiBe Marder
Human Remains: Weeding Out The Thorns
Leaves Eyes: The Thorn
I Exist: Three Three Three
Inquisition: Empire Of Luciferian Race
talk break
Anathema: A Simple Mistake
Marduk: Vanity Of Vanities
Morbid Angel: Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
Death Devil: Love
Godflesh: Like Rats
talk break
Macabre: You’re Dying To Be With Me
Dismember: Override Of The Overture
Darkness Over Depth: Journey Of Sadness
Alchemist: Tongues And Knives
Darkthrone: Slottet I Det Fjerne
Dead Infection: It’s Over
Dead Infection: Crazy Bucket
Dead Infection: Beware My Name Is Thunderbolt
Samhain: Kiss Of Steel
talk break
Bolt Thrower: War Master
Arcturus: Evacuation Code Deciphered
General Surgery: Deadhouse
talk break
Nuclear Assault: Betrayal
Iron Maiden: El Dorado
Bathory: Song To Hall Up High / Home Of Once Brave
Super Fun Happy Slide: Thrashed Out Gash
Super Fun Happy Slide: Designer Rock Can Suck My Cock
Witchery: Dead, Hot And Ready
talk break
Black Sabbath: Children Of The Grave

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