Steve was absent for this show. The recording cut out during the final Judas Priest song so I just spliced the mp3 in instead.

Here are the pictures of the Sigh vocalist/saxophonist that we discuss (as well as a few other choice shots).



Also here is the Nunslaughter video clip that Mark mentions. It’s pretty hilarious.

Celtic Frost: Oriental Masquerade
Bolt Thrower: Lest We Forget
Artillery: Beneath The Clay (RIP)
Sigh: L’excommunication a Minuit
Falkenbach: …Of Forests Unknown
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale: Pornocrazia
talk break
Moonsorrow: Tulkaapa Äijät!
Black Breath: Sentenced To Life
Lunar Aurora: Der Pakt
Painkiller: Scud Attack
The Crown: Under The Whip
Within Temptation: Stand My Ground
talk break
Testament: The Haunting
The Wounded Kings: In The Chapel Of The Black Hand
Dei Tetra: Black Moon Rising
Catasexual Urge Motivation: Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation
Void Meditation Cult: Consecrated By Sacrifice
Alchemist: Substance For Shadow
talk break
Metal Church: Fake Healer
War Master: Ritualistic Carnage
Dark Tribe: Iron Grave
Elysian: Mans Design
D.R.I.: All For Nothing
Napalm Death: The Kill (live)
Slayer: Necrophiliac (live)
Kreator: Phobia
Dead Horse: La La Song
talk break
Judas Priest: Hard As Iron

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