Mark was absent for this show. Apologies for the strange sound on this show. Not sure what happened there but we were in a different studio than usual so we probably buggered up the mix.

Below is footage of the band d.USK which we discuss when talking about Disembowelment. I was lucky enough to see them live at the Evil Invaders 3 gig in Sydney and it was a spellbinding experience as I’ve loved Disembowelment since I first heard the Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate demo in 1991. They had perfect sound and played about 4 or so Disembowelment songs as well as a few new songs and it was just incredible. Andy Dykes was the man who first played them to me and I was very glad he was next to me when we both first saw them live as we had a blast. d.USK have since morphed into Inverloch who have an album called Dusk | Subside coming out on Relapse Records in April. Check out Inverloch here. Sadly I couldn’t find a better video than this of d.USK live so if you have anything better than this please post a link as this certainly doesn’t do them justice.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Leper Colony
Disembowelment: Excoriate
Inner Guilt: Burden of Guilt
Magnacite: Cold Comfort
talk break
Alchemist: Clot
Gorgoroth: Ritual
Damaged: Internal Dismemberment Conflicts
Bilocate: The Dead Sea
Paradise Lost: As I Die
Benevolent: The Tyrant
The VeeBees: Drinkin’ Problem
Sabhankra: Buried In Dust
Within Temptation: Angels
Voice Of The Soul: Under A Blood Red Sky
StarGazer: Magikkan
Skyclad: The Cradle Will Fall
Mitochondrion: Eternal Contempt Of Man
Therion: Sons Of The Staves Of Time
Katatonia: Evidence
Magnacite: Headcleaner
talk break
Judas Priest: Eat Me Alive

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