The Indian politician we discuss with the unfortunate name of Sheila Dikshit can be read about here. I think this photo shows the look she would give us for the discussion we have.

We also discuss the band Turdus Merula so check them out here. The name is the latin name for the Common Blackbird and here is a picture of the bird in question looking suitably grim.


Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Mindsnare
Hamorrhage: Mortuary Riot
Therion: Sitra Ahra
Tormented: Rotten Death
talk break
Emperor: The Ancient Queen
Drudkh: Downfall Of The Epoch
Marduk: Night Of The Long Knives
Hooded Menace: The Haunted Ossuary
talk break
Turdus Merula: The Shadows Marsch
Old Man’s Child: Agony Of Fallen Grace
Rotten Sound: Missing Link
Impaled Nazarene: Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Winterhorde: Underwatermoon
talk break
Avrigus: Beauty And Pain
Sabbat: The Whisper Of Demon
Brujeria: Matando Gueros
Katatonia: Nowhere
Inward Escape: Tih Drassenex
The Howling Void: The Primoridal Gloom
talk break
Nazxul: Quickener Of The Dead
Ulver: Hymn III
Amebix: The Axeman
Gospel Of The Horns: The Rites Of Demonic Posession
talk break
Kreator: Toxic Trace
Gallhammer: Blind My Eyes
Dimmu Borgir: The Insight And The Catharthis

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