This recording cuts out during the final song and the final talk break is not heard. Two songs haven’t been identified by me yet so I’m going to play them to the other two idiots at the show tomorrow to see if they can work it out. The first song sounds bloody familiar and I keep thinking it’s Melechesh or Absu but I can’t find it in my music library. If you know what either song is please leave a comment below.

During one talk break we mention the actor Divine and a scene from the movie Pink Flamingos where she eats some dog shit so below is the clip and also a mini doco on Divine which is quite interesting.

The “Mike Hunt” scene we play is from the 1982 movie Porky’s which is a legendary 80s teenage-boys-trying-to-get-sex sort of movie. I always preferred the movie Screwballs which was as purile and of course Revenge Of The Nerds (“we have bush!”). Here is the scene.

And finally here is the Knight Rider theme song which I was trying to find on my phone to play over the microphone to piss off Steve. I still love this music even if the show itself is garbage when I rewatch it now. Following it is a current ad on Australia tv for a beer called Hahn Super Dry which is drinkable but definitely not a high quality beer. I love the ad though as it’s very silly and has the Knight Rider theme music playing.

11 August 2011
Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Dementia Access
Mucupurulent: Cybersex Deliria
Subconscious Void: Without Disgrace
Sigh: Scarlet Dream
talk break
Armoured Angel: Gadarene Swine
Wrathchild: Stakk Attakk
Diabolos Rising: Satanas Lead Us Through
Zuriaake: Afterimage Of Autumn
My Dying Bride: The Blue Lotus
talk break
General Surgery: If These Walls Could Talk
Inquisition: Empire Of The Luciferian Race
Disma: Spectral Domination

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