Steve was absent for this show. Also I messed up on the Deicide song and half way through managed to start the next song so apologies for the stuff up.

During the show we play a song by The Great Kat who is a rather confident metal musician who was classically trained at the Juiliard School in violin and has interesting interpretations of thrash mixed with classical. As can be seen in the clip below she is supremely confident of her skils and also has an outlandish image and I remember well reading interviews with her in metal magazines in the late 80s where she just rambled on how amazing she was. In reality her music is kind of crap and is essentially just standard thrash with classical motifs and wanky solos over the top of everything. A search on YouTube will yield you great results and also check out her website here where you can buy cds, dvds and also Great Kat underpants!

Haha holy shit while I was searching for her old clips I found this “gem” which looks to be more recent. Hmmmm

Also we mention an interview with Oderus Urungus from Gwar where he makes some not so flattering comments about Dave Mustine from Megadeth so here it is. Oderus is a legend!

And finally here is the Satan Is A Friend Of Mine video clip.

Jerry Goldsmith: Ave Satani
Impaled Nazarene: Goat Perversion
Ketzer: A Requiem For Beauty
Armoured Angel: Crucifiction
D.R.I.: Five Year Plan
talk break
Whiplash: Nailed To The Cross
Inquisition: Crush The Jewish Prophet
Fetish 69: Stomachturner
Profanatica: Broken Jew
Witchery: Resurrection
Looking For An Answer: Tapias De Cementerio
talk break
Gallhammer: Crucifixion
Human Remains: Swollen
Emperor: Inno A Satana
Anhedonist: Estrangement
talk break
The Great Kat: Satan Goes To Church
Grannyfist: Smashing My Fist Up Your Arse
Sonseed: Satan Is A Friend Of Mine
Marduk: With Satan & Victorious Weapons
High On Fire: Bloody Knuckle
Macabre: Nightstalker (Richard Ramirez)
Darklord: Blood Of Angels
Anal Blasphemy: Satan Rapes God
talk break
Blood Duster: Simultaneous Pleasure Pinch
Blood Duster: Theatre Of The Macabre
Krisiun: Slain Fate
Deicide: Deicide
Anal Cunt: Brutally Morbid Axe Of Satan
Halford: Resurrection (live)
Corpse Molestation: In The Graveyard Of God
Carpathian Forest: In League With Satan
talk break
Megadeth: Good Mourning / Black Friday

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