Steve was absent for this show.

The rather bizarre Japanese song we play by Utsu-P is produced using the Kagamine Rin vocaloid which is a singing synthesizer software package that is massively popular in Japan and used on many thousands of songs. Mark is quite obsessed with this stuff and has blu ray discs of vocaloid songs played live with a hologram performing the singing and dancing. Below is an example of the most popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku which is the software that Mark wants to produce black metal with and is also the source of the vocals of the Nyan Cat video. As you can see the crowd are a little too into it for my liking but I do love the Japanese as they have quite the special culture.

Here is the picture of me holding the real Monistat 7 yeast infection cream taken in a Chicago chemist. I actually own a t-shirt of the band Monastat 7 which has a charming back print of diagrams of how to apply the cream and once when I wore it in a shop a woman behind me said in a loud voice “maybe I’ll get a shirt for bowel cancer” although she didn’t have the guts to say it to my face. I barely restrained my laughter. Small things…

Here is a picture of Mark’s rather silly shoes that we discuss. That boy has too much time on his hands.

Celtic Frost: Innocence And Wrath
Napalm Death: Mindsnare
Chaos Moon: Elder Immortal Shrine
Splattered Entrails: Incessant Torture
…And Oceans: The Room Of Thousand Arts
Agnostic Front: Fascist Attitudes
talk break
Mitochondrion: Agonizing (In The Shadow Of The Hammerblow)
Anhedonist: Saturnine
Red Harvest: Dead Men Don’t Rape
Monastat 7: Urethra, Urethra I’ve Discovered Electricity
Cirith Gorgor: Conquering The Shadowworld
Magnacite: Humanity’s A Lie
talk break
Utsu-P featuring Kagamine Rin: Allegra
Voivod: Pre-Ignition
Looking Glass: Child Of Vertigo
Slugathor: Cycle Of Destruction (incorrectly announced as Circle Of Death)
DBC: Negative Reinforcement
talk break
Avrigus: Flesh
Massacre: Biohazard
Bile: Camp Blood
Danzig: Apokalips
Electric Wizard: Legalise Drugs And Murder
talk break
Nuclear Assault: Brainwashed
Coffins: Purgatorial Madness
Protector: Quasimodo
Pantalones Abajo Marinero: Untitled (track 1 from PAM/Dataclast split)
Pantalones Abajo Marinero: Untitled (track 2 from PAM/Dataclast split)
Comecon: Ulcer
talk break
Manowar: Hail And Kill

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