Tuesday was back to the Saint Vitus bar for a night of doomy sludgy bands. This time I only got slightly lost in Brooklyn but I think I can successfully get there now. I was flying solo again but I like the local stout beer they produce so I was fine. Had only heard half a song of headliners Mares Of Thrace so I wasn’t sure what to expect which is a fun way to go to a gig. I had actually bought a ticket for this show but forgot and paid at the door but considering how great the gig was I didn’t mind spending another $10.

Local all girl doom/sludge band Mortals opened the gig and they were really quite good. The drumming was interesting and they had a killer bass sound. My radio cohost Mark would have been happy that the guitarist was rocking a stylish Gibson Explorer. Something about her reminded me of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth from Overkill though which is not exactly flattering (I think it was the facial bone structure). If I didn’t live on the other side of the planet I’d check them out again.

Sky Burial were next and they play a doomy post rock style and play it well. The strong, heavy vocals were a standout. I do quite like post rock but not when I’m tired and I think I had several micro sleeps as I had found a comfy couch to rest my weary feet. After their set I switch from stout to coke in an effort to stay conscious.

I had nothing to worry about as the next band Batillus certainly kept me awake! I knew they had a split with Aussie doom maniacs Whitehorse so I figured they’d be pretty heavy but I was very pleasantly surprised that they were bloody crushing! Consisting of a drummer, guitarist, bassist and singer who also triggered samples/created noise they were DAMN loud (and Saint Vitus sound is already loud) and reminded me of old Civic Youth Cafe gigs in Canberra where you could feel the music through your chest. The samples/noise really added to the overall sound and the vocalist was quite varied too. If you like doom/sludge ala Corrupted or Grief then check these chaps out. So far these guys have taken the cake for live bands and this includes Evoken, Destruction and Tragedy.

The split 12″ with Whitehorse is available here so check it out as both bands are killer.  Check out their website here for tour dates as they are touring the US with Whitehorse through June.

Here is a new song they played that sounds great but doesn’t quite capture the sheer force of them live.

Mares Of Thrace from Canada had the unenviable task of following such brutality but they managed very well and had an amazing sound for a 2 piece. They had a replacement male drummer which was a shame from my perving side but he was bloody good and did a great job. They didn’t seem to play for long but their upbeat sludge with killer vocals was very welcome.

But for me the band of the night was definitely Batillus and I bought their Furnace LP from the friendly merch lady who promised to bring me an XL Batillus shirt to MDF.

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