Mark was absent for this show. Here is the live clip of Lawnmower Deth that we discuss and also some older footage.

Here is some live footage from Evil Invaders 4 of Backyard Mortuary which features the moon by anti-pants guru Stu (sadly not captured properly on film) and also a pic of one of the signs waved. Haha I can see myself headbanging on the left of the screen near the front. Bald spot thrash attack!

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Backyard Mortuary: Mutation
Darkthrone: In The Shadow Of The Horns
talk break
Alchemist: Purple
Cold Body Radiation: Loss
Martyrdöd: Kollisionskurs Mellan Två Världar
Iron Maiden: Revelations (live)
Murkrat: Plague Gestation
talk break
Negură Bunget: Țara de Dincolo de Negură
Convent Guilt: No Dawn In Lucifer’s Light
Therion: Nightside Of Eden
Infinitum: Vexing The Progenitor
Macabre: Zodiac
talk break
Law Of The Tongue: DEvolution
Persecution: Contaminant
Terrorizer: Dead Shall Rise
Lawnmower Deth: Cob Woman of Deth Meets Mr. Smelly Mop
I’m In A Coffin: Finally Happy
talk break
Bolt Thrower: World Eater
Enemy Soil: Direct Action?
Impaled Nazarene: The Horny And The Horned
D.R.I.: I’d Rather Be Sleeping
Anaal Nathrakh: When Humanity Is Cancer
Splattered Entrails: Vanity Of Perversion
Regurgitate: The Pulsating Feast
Regurgitate: Domination Through Mutilation
talk break
Saint Vitus: Look Behind You (live)

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