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I was absent for this show. My place was taken by guest cohost Reggae from long running Canberra metal band Reign Of Terror as he’s such a nice chap and also conned Mark into picking him up. As you may be able to tell he’d had a few lemonades prior to the show.

During this show Reggae tells a story about when Reign Of Terror met rugby league legend Mal Meninga as part of Youth Week 1997 so here are the photos which I pinched from Reggae’s Facebook. I would kill for that Abramelin shirt that Victor is wearing!

Mal was also famous for a very shortlived political career where he managed to resign during the middle of the announcment of his candidacy. Below is the clip of his lengthy public service. Also shown is how NOT to tackle Big Mal.

Also here is the newpaper headline that Jonesy mentions.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Unchallenged Hate (live)
Marduk: Bloodtide (XXX)
Damaged: Soul Vaxation Accidental
talk break
Mastodon: Stargasm
Vio-Lence: Serial Killer
Sadistik Exekution: Evoke War Vomit
Saralisse: Vanquish
Summonus: The Gallows
talk break
Armoured Angel: Hymn Of Hate
Carcass: Embodiment
Genghis Tron: Lake Of Virgins
talk break
Reign Of Terror: I’ll Always Dismember You
Deinonychus: Burial Ground
Scrotum: I Want To Rock And Roll
Venom: In League With Satan
talk break
Demigod: My Friend Judas
Agathocles: A For Arrogance
Cryptopsy: Defenestration
talk break
Temtris: Deadline
Kataklysm: Beckoning Of The Xul
War: War
talk break
Psychrist: Haven Of Betrayal
Disma: The Vault Of Membros
Alchemist: Chinese Whispers
talk break
Wesley Willis: They Threw Me Out Of Church

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