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Mark was absent for this show.

This show features 2 songs from the new album from The Levitation Hex which is a band that features Adam from Alchemist, several current and ex members of Alarum and Ben from Aeon Of Horus. They are just about to play their first set of shows in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney before touring Europe with Alarum. The Facebook events are linked to the city names and below are the flyers for the gigs. The album is now available from the website as either a proper cd or digital download so check it out as it kicks lots of arse!



Here is the flyer for the gig I mention that coming up in London on August 4 featuring 5 Australian metal bands. What a killer gig and if you are in the area I’d highly recommend attending.

Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Napalm Death: Malicious Intent
The Levitation Hex: Manipuliar
Hate Forest: Wscieklose Ktora Nadchodzi
talk break
Gospel Of The Horns: Sorcery & Blood
Salem: Kaddish
At The Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
Agathocles: More Patches Than Brains
Satanic Bloodspraying: Tetragrammaton
talk break
Al-Namrood: Bani La’em
Autopsy: In The Grip Of Winter
Kartikeya: Thunders Of Indra
Ghoul: Gutbucket Blues
Holy Hydra: Until The End Of Everything
talk break
Ulcer: Wrapped In A Flag
Within Temptation: Jane Doe (live)
Head Like A Hole: Never Mind Today
Bethlehem: The Eleventh Commandment
Nasum: Shadows
Isis: False Light
talk break
Deep Purple: Fireball
Bulletboys: Smooth Up In Ya
Napalm Death: Scum
Mastodon: Emerald
Witchrist: The Tomb
talk break
The Levitation Hex: Depresedemic

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