Monthly Archives: August 2012

Stephen was absent for this show. As stated at the end of the show, this may be our final episode with 2XX. I won’t go into details yet but we are hoping that the situation can be remedied as it’s been a highly enjoyable part of our lives since the mid 90s. I’ll keep you all posted.  

The metal documentary that Mark mentions is Metal Evolution which is listed here. I certainly hope they make more as they don’t appear to have covered the more extreme end of the genre that we obviously favour on the show. For Australian readers it’s being shown on ABC2 on Saturday and Tuesday nights and their web page is here. Also this article outlines use of music as torture which includes Deicide being played to prisoners but no mention of metal at Waco though.   

I couldn’t find the footage of Copremesis live however here is a picture of Paulo drinking his own piss at a gig in 2011. What a champion bloke and sex god he is!! 

The Woodstock article we discuss is here. Interesting article but the highlight is definitely this picture!!


Amorphis: Thousand Lakes
Open Wound: More Than Entertainment
Septic Flesh: The Undead Keep Dreaming
Celtic Frost: Dethroned Emperor
Entombed: Dusk
Chapel: Satanist
talk break
King Diamond: One Down, Two To Go
Mortician: Zombie Apocalypse
Emperor: The Loss And Curse Of Reverence
The Kill: We Want Blood
The Kill: Walking Dead
Conan: Satsumo
talk break
The Lord Weird Slough Feg: High Passage / Low Passage
Coroner: Masked Jackal
Absurdgod: KC 666
Gehenna: A Witch Is Born
Katatonia: Teargas
Angelcorpse: Pleasure To Kill
Anal Cunt: Unbelievable
Acid Bath: Jezebel
talk break
Godflesh: Tiny Tears
Samhain: Kiss Of Steel
Alchemist: Yoni Kunda
Absu: Swords And Leather
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Into
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Faecal Gore Gore Attack
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Chain Of Torture
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Horrendous Nazi Infection
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Gore Gore Warscars
Slayer: Angel Of Death (live)
Napalm Death: Social Sterility (live)
Inquisition: Astral Path To Supreme Majesties
talk break
Armoured Angel: Ordained In Darkness