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This site has been somewhat dormant of late mainly due to us being too lazy to resurrect the radio show however I’m going to ramp up it’s use in the lead up to my next trip to the US for the Maryland Death Fest. In the meantime here are some upcoming gigs which I’ll most likely be attending.

Portland hardcore band Tragedy are touring Australia (and South East Asia) for the first time and they are awesome live. I’ve seen them twice now and they don’t disappoint.

Here are the dates and the flyer (sorry I don’t know the non-Australian details)

Wednesay 13 March – Crowbar, Brisbane w/ Shackles, Last Chaos, Shortlife (tickets)
Thursday 14 March – The Annandale, Sydney w/ Deathcage, Unknown To God, Darkhorse (tickets)
Friday 15 March – The Reverence, Melbourne w/ Urns, Of Prey, Extinct / Exist (tickets)
Saturday 16 March – Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne w/ StraightJacketNation, Kromosom, Outright (tickets)
Sunday 17 March – The Rosemount Perth w/ Drowning Horse, Vanity, The Hunt (tickets at the door)
Wednesday 20 March – Jakarta/ Indonesia
Thursday 21 March – Bandung/ Indonesia
Friday 22 March – Singapore
Saturday 23 March – Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia
Sunday 24 March – Kota Kinabalu/ Malaysia

Check out their new stuff here:


Swedish death metal legends Grave are returning to Australia in March and still rate as one of the heaviest bands to come out of Scandinavia. Below are the dates and the flyer for the Sydney show which I’ll be at (after I’ve seen Katatonia at another gig).

Friday 15 March – The Wall, Sydney w/ Innsmouth, Roadside Burial, Grim Demise (tickets)
Saturday 16 March – The Grandbah Bazzar, Hobart w/ Gape, Nosce Teipsum, Iciclan, Ending Atrophy (tickets at the door)
Sunday 17 March – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne w/ Hobbs Angel Of Death, Inverloch (tickets)
Wednesday 20 March – The Squatters Arms, Adelaide w/ Tzun Tzu, In The Burial (tickets at the door)
Thursday 21 March – The Rocket Room, Perth w/ Malignant Monster, Inanimacy, DJ Cain’s Extreme Aggression (tickets at the door)



Black Conjuration festival
The 2nd installment of Adelaide’s Black Conjuration festival is on Saturday 23 March at Fowlers Live. Quite an amazing lineup with the following bands:

PORTAL – (horrific death metal – QLD)
INVERLOCH – (death/doom – VIC)
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION – (funeral doom pioneers – SA)
INNSMOUTH – (Lovecraftian ancient death – NSW)
ROTE MARE – (traditional doom – SA)
OATH OF DAMNATION – (black/death ex-Darklord – SA)

Tickets are available here and here for under $30. Unfortunately Johnny Touch had to cancel their performance due to their bass player being injured in a car accident.


The Levitation Hex
The debut album of The Levitation Hex made it into my top 10 albums for 2012 (which you can check out here) and they are doing a mini tour so check them out. Featuring members of Alchemist, Alarum and Aeon Of Horus and recently signed to High Roller Records.

Friday 22 March – O’Maille’s Pub, Wodonga w/Orions Fire, The Delusion (free show)
Saturday 23 March – The Evelyn, Melbourne w/ The Amenta, Mortification, Okera (and more) (tickets)
Friday 5 April – Basement, Canberra w/ The Schoenberg Automation, Nobody Knew They Were Robots, Inhuman Remnants (tickets at the door)
Saturday 6 April – Venom Night Club (Agincourt Hotel) w/ The Schoenberg Automation, Nobody Knew They Were Robots, Point Below Zero (tickets at the door)


Here is a clip for their song Scratch A Life Find A Thief.

Black Breath
Black Breath are touring Australia and New Zealand April with special guests I Exist. Tickets at the door for all shows (yay I don’t have to find the links). I saw these guys at MDF a few years ago and they were totally killer and had a better Swedish death metal sound than Entombed who played the same day! Definitely check them out folks as they put on a great show. Thanks to Resist Records for putting on a Canberra show too!

Friday 5 April – Crowbar, Brisbane w/ I Exist, The Fevered
Saturday 6 April – Hermanns, Sydney w/ I Exist, Dark Horse
Sunday 7 April – The Basement, Canberra w/ I Exist, Hygiene
Wednesday 10 April – Enigma Bar, Adelaide w/ I Exist, Starvation
Thursday 11 April – Reverence, Melbourne w/ I Exist, Chaingun
Friday 12 April – Lucha Lounge, Auckland w/ Cold World, Shitripper, Moment Of Truth, Graves


Obsence Extreme Australia
Obsene Extreme started as a festival in the Czech Republic and this year they’ve expanded to do shows in Mexico, Indonesia and also lucky Australia! Here is the Facebook event page and here is the group page. The fest is to be held on Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13 at the Bendigo Hotel and The Tote which are thankfully only a few hundreds meters away from each other. Tickets are available from here and here. Headliners Rotten Sound (Finland) and Birdflesh (Sweden) will both play twice alongside the cream of crop of Australian grind including Blood Duster’s 2nd last gig ever and the resurrection of Filth for the first time in 18 years. The schedule is:

Friday 12 April – The Tote Hotel
20.00 – 20.25 HEADLESS DEATH
20.40 – 21.05 INTERNAL ROT
21.20 – 22.05 BIRDFLESH (SWE)
22.20 – 22.50 FILTH

Friday 12 April – The Bendigo Hotel
20.00 – 20.25 JOIN THE AMISH
20.40 – 21.05 ABHORRENT
21.20 – 21.50 WOLFE
22.10 – 22.50 FLATUS
23.10 – 23.40 THE KILL
00.00 – 00.45 BIRDFLESH (SWE)
00.50 – 01.30 ODIUSEMBOWEL

Saturday 13 April – The Tote Hotel
16.00 – 16.40 METALSTORM
17.00 – 17.30 ANALKHOLIC (NC)
17.50 – 18.20 MICHAEL CRAFTER
19.20 – 20.00 KING PARROT
20.20 – 20.50 SETE STAR SEPT (JPN)
21.10 – 21.50 FUCK…I’M DEAD
22.10 – 22.40 KROMOSOM
23.00 – 23.50 ROTTEN SOUND (FIN)
00.10 – 01.00 BLOOD DUSTER

Saturday 13 April – The Bendigo Hotel
16.00 – 16.30 DARK HORSE
17.40 – 18.10 SPLIT TEETH
18.30 – 19.00 THE MUNG
19.20 – 19.50 DEBACLE
20.10 – 20.40 DEATHCAGE
21.00 – 21.50 ROTTEN SOUND (FIN)
22.10 – 22.50 CAPTAIN CLEANOFF
00.10 – 01.00 EXTORTION

Sepe Star Sept
There are a few sideshows from Obscene Extreme including a tour from Japanese 2 piece noisegrind band Sepe Star Sept who are touring with Melbourne oddballs Umbilical Tentacle.

Wednesday 10 April – Black Wire, Sydney w/ Umbilical Tentacle, Thedowngoing (ALL AGES) (tickets at the door)
Thursday 11 April – The Pot Belly, Canberra w/ Umbilical Tentacle, The Reverend Jesse Custer, Throat Of Dirt, Sheob Ahmad (tickets at the door)
Friday 12 April – Broken House, Melbourne w/ SPASMOSLOP (tickets at the door)
Saturday 13 April – Obscene Extreme Australia festival – The Tote, Melbourne (tickets)
Sunday 14 April – Obscene Extreme Australia festival after party – ???, Melbourne (tickets at the door)

SSS tour

Rotten Sound
Finnish grinders Rotten Sound are also doing some sideshows around Obscene Extreme.

Tuesday 9 April – The Wall (Bald Faced Stag), Sydney w/ Ether Rag, Roadside Burial, The Holiday Project (tickets)
Thursday 11 April – Rising Sun, Auckland w/ Ulcerate
Friday 12 April – Bodega, Wellington w/ Ulcerate
Saturday 13 April – Obscene Extreme Australia festival – The Tote, Melbourne (tickets)
Sunday 14 April – Amplifier Bar, Perth w/ DFC, Nails of Imposition, Abhorrent (tickets)

Dying Fetus & Putrid Pile
Brutal death bands Dying Fetus and Putrid Pile are coming to pulverise Australia.

Friday 19 April – The Factory Theatre, Sydney w/ Festering Drippage (tickets)
Saturday 20 April – The Evelyn, Melbourne w/ Whoretopsy (tickets)
Sunday 21 April – Beetle Bar, Brisbane w/ Defamer (tickets)
Tueday 23 April – Amplifier Bar, Perth w/ Inanimacy (tickets)