Monthly Archives: May 2014

Damn I’m slack as it’s been a year since I last updated this site. But I’m back in the USA for my yearly Maryland Deathfest pilgrimage for the fifth year in a row so I might as well document it for you fine folks. This first post is just laying out (aka gloating) about the gigs I’m going to.

I’m writing this on the mighty exhilarating 14 hour flight from Sydney to Dallas which has been good as I have an empty seat next to me but also bad as my video screen keeps freezing. Only 2044 km to Dallas!!

My first stop is New York City where I’m staying in a B&B in Bedford Stuyvesant. There’s always plenty to do in that lovely city and of course I have several gig options for pretty much every night I’m there. First up is a rather bizarrely mixed gig called Hardcore Activity In Progress which features Napalm Death alongside lots of experimental noise/drone bands and some hip hop too. It’s sponsored by Red Bull who appear to be trying to appeal to several markets. But it’s only $10, has some different sort of bands I want to check out and how can I resist Napalm Death.

Hardcore Activity In Progress

Saturday night has me trekking out for the first time to New Jersey to see TWISTED SISTER!!! Yes I can’t bloody wait as they are the first band to give me the addictive taste of heavy metal. The singer of Ratt is supporting which does nothing for me except maybe give me a good laugh. I’ve heard Twisted Sister are still awesome live so my hopes are high.


Sunday night is my not definite night although I’m pretty tempted to hit up the 2nd night of Black N’ Blue Bowl to see Discharge and Agnostic Front. Sadly I’ll miss the first night which has Biohazard on the bill as they’d be fun to see in New York.


Monday will see probably the most punishing gig of the trip with Swans playing. I have my industrial strength earplugs to counter their extreme volume and considering they usual play for 2 – 3 hours I think I’ll try and find a seat to watch then from to preserve my poor feet.

Tuesday night sees me venture back to my favourite NYC venue, Saint Vitus bar. This gig is Coffins, Ilsa, Bones and Seven Sister Of Sleep and should be a ripper!! They always have the best live sound there and I’m keen to have a few milk stouts too. I suspect this gig may be preceded by another meat fest at Virgil’s Real Barbecue with some other Aussie larrikins.


Wednesday sees another Saint Vitus show this time put on by the good folks at Catbomb. Bands are Cripple Bastards, Hooded Menace, Archagathus, Maruta and Detroit which is handy as I think CB and Arch both clash with other bands I want to see at MDF.


Come Thursday I’ll be hoping on the train to Baltimore with hordes of Aussie bogans and will sadly miss this gig which would be a ripper!


If I’m really keen and feeling somewhat energetic I might go to this matinee show before MDF starts to see Horrendous but I wouldn’t be surprised if I just go shopping for supplies instead.


That night MDF begins and doesn’t let up for four days! Thankfully I don’t have too many clashes although I’ll miss several cool bands like Unleashed, Noothgrush and Unholy Grave.


After Baltimore I fly to Chicago to stay with a mate and thankfully not every night is booked (yet). I’ll probably go to see Melbourne grinders Internal Rot at this gig as they clash with Inquisition at MDF and may be missed.

Internal Rot

Friday sees a decent looking gig with Wrathprayer and Pseudogod.


Saturday night is either Diocletian & Manticore or High On Fire although I’m leaning towards the New Zealanders.


Monday sees D.R.I. play and as I just missed them in Australia I may well be tempted. They put on a killer show at MDF a few years back and any chance to see Couch Slouch live again will most likely be taken.


Then on Wednesday I begin the long trip home no doubt exhausted and with too many new tshirts.