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Iron Maiden 1

Iron Maiden 2

As usual I’ve been slack about updating this site so here’s a double bunger from the legends themselves, Iron Maiden.

These are Aussie tour shirts from the Somewhere Back In Time and The Final Frontier tours from 2008 and 2011. Maiden must make a fortune as these were at least $40 each and a hell of a LOT were being sold. I do love that Maiden still make tour shirt designs specific to the country as they have been doing for most of their career. Most are the equivalent of the Simpsons making an episode about a foreign country and full of cringeworthy stereotypes but it’s more endearing with Maiden and of course I bought these due to their tackiness.

The Somewhere Back In Time tour was the first time I saw Iron Maiden and it was an awesome gig at Acer Arena as the place was packed and the only newish song they played was Fear Of The Dark. Having listened to Live After Death MANY times I was in heaven for this gig and they didn’t disappoint. Plenty of weird shit going on with the front of this shirt inexplicably showing Eddie having killed some kangaroos with a road sign in front of Ayers Rock. The backprint is quality too and I love the blue healer dog and slouch hat and the fact he appears to be holding a VB stubby. I’m not sure why he’s riding a shark but I assume it’s a reference to surfing. The only thing that pissed me off is the flag flying on the wrong side.

The 2nd is from the tour for The Final Frontier where I saw them at the Sydney Entertainment Center. I was supposed to see them a few days later at the Soundwave festival but I had a horrible bout of gastro and so after seeing the Melvins and discovering Slayer couldn’t play as Tom was sick, we just pissed off back to Canberra as I could barely stand. As you can see the artist has added some nicely bizarre Australian references with a Killers era Eddie about to bash a skeletal kangaroo Eddie with a didgeridoo in front of Ayers Rock while yobbo aliens cruise around in a moon buggy. Hmm that’s a familiar theme but at least the Aussie flag is flying correctly in this one.

They are coming back to Australia in May and I’m tempted to see them again. If I don’t I’ll get someone to buy me a tacky tour shirt at least.