I’ve added a new gallery to the Flyers page with scans of a magazine that came with a compilation cd from an old Melbourne record label called Deported Records. Deported was run by a guy called Scott Harper who was also the singer of Magnacite for their amazing Safety In The Workplace album and also produced or engineered such legendary releases as the Blood Duster’s Menstrual Soup demo, Damaged’s Do Not Spit and Christbait’s Yeast. The label only put out about 6 releases including a Beanflipper album and the Subversion/Spazz split cd but for me this was the highlight and I treasure my copy of it.

The interviews contained here are mostly hilarious with the Blood Duster and Beanflipper ones being highlights as well as Jason from Blood Duster interviewing Magnacite and asking some nicely inane questions. The compilation cd has some amazing stuff on there with most of it unavailable elsewhere and some rarities like one of the last Necrotomy tracks recorded and also a recording of part of an impromptu live jam of Fear Factory and Christbait members which I’m pretty sure is mostly a Brujeria song.

Below is my favourite song off the compilation which is a live version of Coinslot My Butt Crack from Melbourne sludge gods Christbait. This version is a bit faster than the Dirtypunkmutha version and nearly captures the sheer power of their live performances. The bloke who uploaded this clip appears to have the whole compilation and plenty of other goodies so check him out here.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working away at scanning all my gig flyers from 1988 until present and I’ve finally finished (until I find another pile of them in a box!) so please click on the Flyers button at the top of the page or click here. The flyers are mostly Canberra metal gigs however there are some other styles and locations amongst them. It’s interesting to see the rise and fall of different generations of Canberra metal bands from the early 90s Terrace Bar/Civic Youth Cafe days to the early 00s Rock Ape era to the Basement/Pot Belly era of today. Sadly paper flyers are a dying art form and I refuse to post any flyers that weren’t actually printed and disseminated. I still have a few larger flyers that I have to work out how to scan and also some more that friends are going to supply so I’ll post further updates once there are more available. So feel free to browse the 800 or so flyers and either reminisce or feel jealous. Enjoy.

Ps: Here is the first local gig I ever attended waaaaaay back in 1989. It was a massive gig with hundreds of kids going crazy 80s style with stagediving galore, a circle pit and many rows of headbangers. I still remember having to hold my head up during Addictive as my neck was rubber after headbanging for 4 bands straight.