This is my collection of gig flyers that I’ve compiled over 24 years of gigs. The vast majority are local Canberra metal gigs but I’m a compulsive collector and whenever I go to an interstate record shop or venue I usually grab anything that looks vaguely metal. There are also a handful of flyers from international gigs with some from my various US trips (1993-94, 2007, 2010-14) as well as some I’ve been sent with trades/sales. As you can see there are many crooked and poorly cut flyers but I’ve left them as is because the haphazard attention to detail (or lack of a good guillotine) is half the charm. They are sorted in year so just click on the flyer below the year you want to see. They are hosted on Flickr so if you want to go direct and add me as a contact then the link is here.

If you’d like to submit any of your own scanned flyers (preferrably Canberra or Australian gigs) then feel free to drop me a line at although I am only interested in paper flyers that have been scanned in.










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