This is a glossary of words and places that we mention on the radio show. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you don’t understand other words we use.

Queanbeyan (aka Quangers aka Struggle Town):  The source of most scorn and derision on the show, this city is is right across the border from Canberra and is home to Mark. Most Canberra people view Queanbeyan as a dangerous place full of lower socio economic groups who collect welfare and do nothing except drink booze and smoke ciggies (see Bogan definition below).  Below is a clip of someone driving through the centre of Queanbeyan and it successfully incorporates several landmarks that we discuss (Royal Hotel on the left at 4.33, Central Cafe on the left at 4.45 and the entrance to The Ridgeway which is the area Mark lives at 8.33)

Canberra:  The capital city of Australia and home to Steve and myself. This city is home to most of the public servants of Australia and is where our parliament sits. It has a reputation of being sterile and boring in comparison to Sydney or Melbourne and this is mostly correct. However some kick arse bands have spawned in Canberra including Alchemist, Armoured Angel, Psychrist, Pod People and The VeeBees, while all Queanbeyan produced was Septic Blood Fart and several corpses that washed into Lake Burley Griffin. The show is broadcast from Canberra thus making it the most important city in the multiverse.

Fyshwick:  An industrial area between Canberra and Queanbeyan that is one of 3 designated areas when porn stores and brothels can operate. The other 2 areas are Mitchell and Hume. Local motorcycle club The Rebels have a clubhouse in Fyshwick and also reportedly own/are connected to the only Canberra stripclub Sinsations which is in Mitchell. There is a great brewery in Fyshwick called Zierholz who also opened up a new bar in Belconnen. Strange things can happen in Fyshwick and a good friend of mine used to live in the only residence there and wrote about her time there here.

Royal Hotel:  A pub in Queanbeyan that has a reputation as being quite a rough and dangerous establishment. Below is a clip which shows the true class of the Royal and it’s patrons’ political leanings.


Central Café: A cafe in Queanbeyan that has very large meals and a mixed grill meal that will test most stomachs. Read about it here.

Mustang Ranch: A male-on-male oriented sex shop and “meeting place” in Fyshwick. Generally the butt of jokes (pun intended)

Oxford Street:  The centre of Sydney’s gay culture and home to the annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Orange Juice:  Code for beer as we are not supposed to drink on air

Septic Blood Fart: Mark’s band who you can check out here.

Crash Diet: Steve’s band that put out one demo of questionable quality.

Boon:  David Boon played cricket for Australia for many years but is even more legendary for his moustache and his drinking record of 52 beers on a flight from Australia to England in 1989.

Flanny:  A flannelette shirt generally worn by bogans and Mark.

Bogan:  Derogatory slang used to describe working class people who generally drink and smoke too much and lack social graces.

Raiders:  The Canberra Raiders are a rugby league club based in Canberra (although originally situated in Queanbeyan)

Belconnen:  A district of Canberra with about a quarter of the overall population. I live there and the Basement venue which I am forever plugging gigs for also resides there.

Charnwood (aka Charnie):  A suburb of Belconnen which is known as being a rough and dangerous place full of bogans (ie. the Queanbeyan of Canberra). I went to high school there and survived.

Harry Seidler:  Harry was an Australian Modernist architect who designed a lot of buildings mostly in Sydney. He is loved by my partner Ann and I and hated with a passion by Mark and Steve (possibly just to piss Ann off). Ann lived in a building he designed in Sydney and Steve also lived in a group of townhouses in Garran that he quite critical of. One of his best known works is the Rose Seidler House which he built for his parents.

Chuck A Wobbly: This is an Australian slang term that means to have a temper tantrum.


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